The Tenerife Attraction

Ask tourists what attracted them to Tenerife and nine out of ten of them will say the weather.  With year round sun and low rainfall, tourists are practically guaranteed to go home tanned and relaxed. Add to that the excellent hotels, exciting nightlife and more activities, attractions and theme parks than you could see in a month of Sundays and it is clear why tourists choose to come here year after year.

No doubt the weather is also one of the reasons that British expats decide to come and live in Tenerife. But lifestyle plays a big part too. Day to day life is both more relaxed and more colourful here.

Tenerife Holiday

What on earth is there to do on that tiny island in the sun?

Tenerife Living

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in Tenerife?


Hotels and Holiday Apartments

As far as accommodation goes, there’s something from everyone in Tenerife. From the fabulous new Hard Rock Hotel in Adeje to the high campgrounds up past Villa Flor. ¬†There are fabulous five stars and basic B & B’s to suit every budget.

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Colourful bags for sale in Tenerife

Tenerife Snapshot

From fat orange cats sunning themselves on terracotta tiles to gorgeous exotic blooms, Tenerife is bursting with colour. You can expect the unexpected too, like turning a corner and bumping into a flock of goats.