Dog training in Tenerife – Tito Takes a Telling

While we can see that Tito is growing quickly he is with us all the time so it doesn’t really register just how big he is getting. At 51/2 months he now tops Skye (our Boxer) by a good inch and a half and there is still possibly another four months growing in him.

In the first picture, Tito has already been with us for a few weeks and had filled out quite a bit. At puppy appointments even the vet laughed out loud when he managed to put on seven kilos in one month.

I know people who walk their dogs at the crack of dawn or in the wee hours of the morning because their pooch has ‘issues’ and they are afraid of what will happen if their path should cross with another dog. My own sweet Skye has occasional problems with other females because I probably under-socialised or over-protected her when she was a puppy.

I don’t want to make the same mistake with Tito and I don’t want him confined to sneaky walks in the dark scurrying for home if another dog is sighted on the horizon. Also with a dog of his size (even now never mind at full maturity) it is vitally important that he be rock solid with all kids and completely trustworthy in the presence of other dogs. I don’t want him hauling me down the street or taking off after a cat or across a busy road…

So, I decided to get a handle on all these possible problems before they ever arose. I called in the cavalry in the form of dog trainer extraordinaire Sharon Haslem of Happy Tails and I have to say I am ever so glad I did.

Not only does Sharon very quickly get to the point and demonstrate the exact body language, word or action needed to communicate to Tito what I expect of him, I also find her highly entertaining. I can even forgive her for looking quite striking when she strides up and down showing me how to get Tito’s attention for a respectable heel. while
when I try the same manoeuvre I look like a demented hobbit.

In the last few meetings she has also managed to train my kids and my mother. The whole concept of body blocking is quite liberating when you are five foot nothing and suspect the kids are already wearying of me herding them to bath and bed instead of just telling them what to do. Now all I need to do is practice my body blocking Him Indoors into the kitchen and I might get the dishes washed for me once in a blue moon.

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