Slap-Up Scottish Breakfast in Silencio

After all the excitement of my blood test at Mahon I was absolutely ravanous but it was only 8.30 and at that time in the morning where to go? The little burger van (bocadillo van?) at Mahon is alright I suppose but a cafe con leche and a doughnut just wouldn’t hit the spot this morning.

Instead we made for Alejandra’s Cafe at the side of Costa Sol in Costa Del Silencio and I got a cracking Scottish breakfast – two rashers of bacon, toast, beans, mushrooms, a fried egg, a tattie scone and a slice of black pudding for €4. Compared to the average of €3.06 for a cup of coffee or tea with milk, two slices of toast and an orange juice not too bad at all.

Alejandro’s is about the only place at the top end of Costa Del Silencio that is open at that time of the morning so it is ideal for early birds.

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