Private Tenerife Airport Taxi Transfer – What a relief!

What have they done to TFS lately? I don’t know how families arriving for the first time at Tenerife’s South airport cope as, unless they have already decided to get to their hotel by bus, the access to taxis is blocked by a temporary sheet wall. I know if I had just landed after a four hour flight with a fractious four year old and petulant princess in tow I would not be eager to herd them on to public transport.

Inside the airport changes at the arrival area force incomers to skip under or through the temporary cord barrier or walk miles to reach the opening at the end of it. It is very odd indeed and had absolutely no effect on the bottle-necking of people waiting to welcome those discharged through the arrivals gates.

Thankfully the new Direct Airport Transfer Service provides some much needed relief to stressed mothers as they herd their clutches of tired bairns through the arrivals area. The service includes a ‘greeter’ to wave you down and carry your bags (bless!). Prices for the service are of course higher than the local taxi rates but still seem reasonable and especially worth it at the end of a tiring journey.

Other benefits include free child seats and vehicles seating up to 16 for larger groups. Prices are as advertised on-line and there are no hidden surcharges. I like the fact that it can all be arranged and paid for before hand so all you need to do for that final leg of your journey from airport to hotel is crash in the back of the car and sleep to destination. No worries about digging around for the right change or wondering if the driver is taking the ‘scenic route’ to increase the fare.

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