Albino Moszy Receives Asylum

18 year old Moszy, an albino born in Benin, fled his country and arrived in Tenerife at the end of March. The colour of his skin puts Moszy in particular danger in his own country because in Benin and surrounding African nations, albinos or their body parts can be used in rituals for both good and bad luck.  Albinos like him may even be sacrificed and the trade in albino body parts appears to be growing.

Moszy made a special request for asylum through the Spanish Commission For Refugee Aid (CEAR) and this has been granted by The Spanish Government. Apparently CEAR are also trying to get Moszy released from the immigration centre at which he has been held since his arrival in Tenerife.

Surely, if this teenager is still at the immigration centre, then he is being kept in detention with others from his country who consider him a bad omen and possibly would wish him harm. Whether or not Moszy suffers physical abuse he must have been through untold psychological torment in his young life already. Get the boy out!

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