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tenerife-flagWas there anybody breathing in Tenerife on Saturday who was not aware that the island’s beloved CD Tenerife football team had at long last broken back through to the first division?

There was no mistaking who won the game. Beaming faces shone from every cafe and bar and the sea of white on blue saltire flags would have confused any merry Scotsman out for a wee pre-dinner drink. My kids were bemused but delighted with the eccentric behaviour of even the most elderly and sedate of their neighbours with Sami noting scornfully that one roly-poly young man draped in a Tenerife flag  made a rotten Superman.

As cars passed blaring triumphant horns and dangling triumphant young men from every window it was lovely to see the sheer exuberance of the supporters. Coming from a place and time where football was often a poor excuse for bloodshed it was just brilliant to see all that celebrating with no undertone of bigotry or violence to come.

I think it is in the first of James Herriot’s books after he is hoiked into the air by a rolling-eyed Clydesdale that he is told by an old Scotsman, “Dinna mess with things ye ken nothin’ aboot.” Great advice that I should  taken more often in my life so with that in mind here are a number of sites you can find information about Tenerife Football which is something I ‘ken nothin aboot.’

Armada Sur (Southern Army)
CD Tenerife Supporters Club

Colin Kirby CD Tenerife
As a freelance writer Colin covers all kinds of Tenerife related topics but none closer to his heart than CD Tenerife.  Its a fair bet that someone who says ‘…’CD Tenerife may not be your first love but they can always be your mistress.’ probably has a good idea what’s going on in the Tenerife field of football.

(Photo by Nikki Attree of Tenerife Photography)

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