Alien Spotted In Tenerife

Insects and I have a sort of love/hate relationship. They love me and I hate them. Wherever I have been in my life it seems I find some multi-legged monster that just will not leave me be.

Not everyone is as anti-anty as I am of course. If you have a thing for creepy-crawlies then I recommend the writings of the Bard of Ely, Tenerife’s own David Bellamy and a staunch supporter of the environmental protection of of all things great and small on Tenerife.

If you spy a fly that you can’t identify then visit Antlions and Other Unusual Insects of Tenerife which is what I did when this alien looking creature made camp on my clothes horse.

According to the Bard, this handsome chap is a Robber Fly.

The Robber Fly (Promarchus latitarsatus) is also active in the sunshine when it hunts winged insects including bees, butterflies and moths and other types of fly, and it kills them by a bite with its proboscis. Its larva lives in the ground and in rotting wood and eats other insect larvae.


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