Alicia Keys and Alejandro Sanz in Tenerife

Alejandro Sanz’ Paradise Tour is said by the promoters to be the most important of his career. Certainly his Looking for Paradise release with Alicia Keys is a cracker. Here are the two of them giving it laldie (Scottish for … Continue reading

Aguaviva Canarias, Tenerife, 22 – 30 August, 2009

If you are on holiday in Tenerife at the end of August  you will find lots of free beach-related activity and workshops centred round the Los Cristianos area. It’s all to do with the annual Aguaviva Canarias festival which is … Continue reading

What’s On – Wilco – May 23rd – Tenerife Auditorium

Chicago rock band Wilco are no wall flowers when it comes to embracing new technology. After an illegal release of their latest album ripped through the torrent sites this week – months before official release – they have decided to … Continue reading