Cheap Long-Term Accommodation in Tenerife

hunting for flat share in Tenerife

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Low in Funds

I received an email from Jill who wants to stay a bit longer in Tenerife but whose funds are running low. After her contract expired Jill looked around to find cheaper accommodation but the best she found was an €18 a night B & B in Los Cristianos. That’s daylight robbery!

My neighbour’s comfortable two bed/2 bath with terrace and garden has been reduced to €450 a month from it’s previous rate of €550 because of the crisis which makes it cheaper to rent for the month than one measly room in a hostel.

Of course, you can’t get long-term rates on short-term stays and neither is anyone likely to hand you the keys to their pad unless you are in gainful employment and have both a down payment and a deposit in hand. So what can you do?

Hunting for Flat Shares in Tenerife

Well, look for a flat share is the answer. You will still really be paying for one room plus use of the flat’s facilities but you’ll get a much better price and who knows you and your new flattie may just get on like a house on fire. Er… maybe that’s not such a great idea!

Anyway, where to find these fabulous flats shares in Tenerife?

A good place to look is the notice boards in any Cultural Centre or some of the supermarkets.

As it was on my mind I cast an eye over the notice board in Las Galletas Cultural Centre and found three possibilities right away.

Flats to Share

1. Rent of one room in a two bedroom apartment in Guargacho. €180 per month. Tel: xxxxxxxxx

2. Flat share in Las Galletas (sea view) €200pm Tel: 922 xxx xxx

3. El Fraile flat share – no price given but it says economico! Tel: xxx xxx xxx

(Contact details have been removed but these are real examples of rates on offer.)

Any of these would be a better bet for a budget-conscious visitor than a pay-by-the-night hostel.

There is a humongous notice board in the Los Cristianos Cultural Centre and if I were looking for a flat share that is where I’d start.

And if anyone reading is looking for a flat mate then you are welcome to say so in a comment below. You never know…

Happy hunting!

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Cheap Long-Term Accommodation in Tenerife — 3 Comments

  1. What a brilliant article on how to find accomodation in Tenerife. I have been staying the rip off 18 Euro a night hostel you describe. I’ve been asking real estate agents if they rent out cheap “workers accomodation” but all they seem to offer is really expensive apartments. The internet is a bust too as all keyword searches just seem to bring up either hotels or really expensive holiday apartments once again.

    I’m off to the Los Christianos cultural centre now to see how I get on.

  2. hi i am looking for a cheap apartment or a room for me and my husband any where please email me asp

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