So have I been living in a bubble lately or is this an April Fool’s Day joke that is running a bit behind schedule?

Much as I would love to see Tenerife become the centre of the Google galaxy, I find the news of Google Inc decamping to Granadilla de Abona as announced in a press release by Ars-Novum in Puerto de La Cruz just a little hard to swallow (okay, a LOT hard to swallow!).

Reasons given for the major move include changes  to media law by the Obama administration which will increase restrictions on the Youtube and Google video search channels and the imminent bankruptcy of the state of California.

The installation of the Network Access Point West Africa – Canary Islands is seen as one positive factor behind the move as is the possibility of harnessing green energy to run the internet giant’s service centre and the region’s low labour costs (you can say that again) and tax breaks.

While I find the story unlikely there can really only be three explanations for it, can’t there?

1. It is a badly timed April Fool’s Day joke.
2. It is a crafty PR exercise dreamt up by Ars-Novum to create some buzz about their company.
3. It is true!

Given the astronomical rise in unemployment in Tenerife since December 2009, I can’t think of better news for Tenerife than the investment in infrastructure and technology that a move like this would necessitate. It would also shift the economic reliance of the island and open it up to more sources of revenue than tourism and bananas 😉

Much as I would LOVE this news to be true, I am not holding my breath. Are you?