Tito Gets Trained in Tenerife

No, I’m not talking about the Huntington Beach Bad Boy, although our own Tito could be just as daunting. We recently became the proud owners of a young Presa Canario. He’s a lovely boy but dearie me, he’s growing fast. At just four months old he already has enough power to drag me down the street so with visions of this great brute of a dog, steaming down the road with me trailing behind him I contacted Sharon Haslam, a dog trainer and behaviour consultant.

Happily Sharon’s initial assessment of my baby is that he is unlikely to turn into the Hound of Zoltan, though she had some firm advice about the need to have him neutered in eight months or so which had my husband squirming uncomfortably in his seat.

Sharon also does pet sitting and dog walking and can be reached on 699109837

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Spanish State School

I get asked a lot about sending the kids to the local school in Tenerife. My daughter at seven years old speaks fluent Spanish and my son at four is more than able to hold his own in Spanish, English or Double Dutch. That boy just never stops talking.

It bothers some expat parents that by sending their kids to a Spanish state school that the Spanish speaking will have a negative impact on the level of English or other mother tongue that the kids speak in their homes. All I can say is that both my kids can eloquently talk the hind legs off a burro in English or Spanish and entering the state school system didn’t slow them down one bit.

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Grand Old Ladies of Tenerife

Hard to imagine, but my main Tenerife website eTenerife.com is a creaky eight years old in August. For an English language information site about the island, that really puts the old girl in the ancient bracket as there are few that have been around that long.
One I remember from the earliest days, was Pamela Heywood’s tucats site. That domain is now long gone, I believe, but Pamela’s cracking Secret Tenerife blog is a worthy successor and a great place to find out what is going on. Tucked away in the North, Pamela has a unique insight into local mentality and traditions that often skip past us here in the South. Much more than your average holiday guide, Secret Tenerife digs right down into the details of the Tenerife way of life. This post about gofio is the perfect example.

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