Tenerife Holidays and Happy Days

So, John and May Garret, why have you been coming to Tenerife on holiday every year since 2002?

Actually, we’ve been coming longer than that. We met in Tenerife in August 2002. My first wife and I used to come with the kids years ago and when she died I stopped coming.

Tenerife tourists

I tried to go a few other places but never really enjoyed them. Then in early 2002 my daughter convinced me to come back here with her. That’s when I met May.

We just clicked and have been coming here every year since.

Colourful Bags for Sale in Tenerife

I am blessed to have two crafty women in my life. Their mad art skills have brought beautiful paintings, jewellery, bags and other odds and sods (oops, vibrant treasure) into my life. The only drawback is the way life grinds to a screeching halt should we happen...

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Action Pack Your Tenerife Holidays

Andy Montgomery has written an excellent post on getting the most out of your holidays in Tenerife. With the island's glorious sunshine, the sun, sea and sand type break is very tempting but as Andy says (though much more politely), if you burst out of your bubble and...

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Looking for the Three Greyhounds Bar, Tenerife

Does anyone know where the Three Greyhounds bar is? And no, smartypants, I don't mean the one in Knutsford, Cheshire. Apparently there is one in Tenerife somewhere and Michelle has been hunting for it high and low. Should any kind TT reader know the place in question,...

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Unbreakable Glass – Smashing Idea!

What a breakthrough! The collected minds of government and business have come up with two prototype beer glasses, designed to resist breaking into deadly shards should they come into contact with someone's face. As glassing each other down the local seems to have...

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Specs for Less in Tenerife

It has been some time since my last pair of glasses gave up the ghost. I'm not sure if the final straw was when my son accidentally dropped them in the toilet or if it was the dog sooking off the elastoplast that held the glasses' legs on that finally did it but...

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Have You Been Had in Tenerife?

A new BBC1 television programme is underway and it is about the scams, cons and problems experienced by tourists abroad. They want to know if you've been had. Examples of scams are: -  bags/luggage stolen -  tricked into boat trips - taken advantage of in Taxis - ...

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Travel Agencies Channeling the Spirit of Christmas

As Tenerife battens down in expectation of a huge storm tonight, many people have been stranded in the north airport for 6 hours or more already.  They are as likely to fly out tonight as Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is to win at next year's Crufts. Those big...

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Tenerife Walk For Life – December 13th

The tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 killed 230,000 people. The enormity of the loss of life is hard to digest.  It is hard to believe that that many people lost their lives in one cataclysmic event. But is it any easier to imagine the 260,000 men who will die in...

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Win Free Holiday in Lanzarote – Tenerife Magazine

This could be YOU! Have you seen the new Tenerife Magazine yet? It is FAB! Being 100% virtual, I can't say it has hit the streets running but the very first issue comes with a brilliant competition giveaway - a holiday for up to four at the gorgeous Sands Beach in...

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A Wicked Night Out in Tenerife

Judging by the roving bands of little demons and witchlets that were terrorising the neighbourhood last night, nobody paid much attention to the bishops' warnings of the pagan nature of Halloween. I thought my own little devils looked great although Sami was a bit...

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