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Looking back over the posts  in Tenerife Tattle  is like reading a diary and of course, that is exactly what it is. Although it was written by an expat living in Tenerife, it is less about Tenerife itself than the little funny things and frustrations that make each day different from the one before and these are things that happen to everybody, everywhere.

There are rants about school books and gossip about my high maintenance sister in law, tales of my pets’ escapades,  descriptions of days out and the odd snippet about my even odder neighbour (she of the sh*t – slinging escapade).

I always saw Tenerife Tattle as a bit of light relief and separate from my main website eTenerife.com which has been for ten years, ‘Tenerife Information for Tourists and Expat Residents’.

Thanks to an ever decreasing amount of time or an ever increasing lack of organisation, I reached a point where something had to give. In the end I had to look at both sites and admit I was doing neither of them justice.

So, I decided to put them together  and now eTenerife has been spruced up into a new blog style. It will incorporate both the gossipy lifestyle type articles that used to be found in Tenerife Tattle and the holiday and property related information that it always covered before.

Tenerife Tattle will no longer be updated and much of its archival content will be moved over to the new and improved eTenerife.com. I hope you will join me over there. :)

Excerpts from eTenerife.com

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